5 Items That Will Make You Friends at Any Hostel

Hostels are like summer camp for grown ups. If you’re planning on traveling abroad on a backpacking adventure here are 5 items that will make you the coolest cat in the crib.

1. Bluetooth Speaker

Nothing makes a party better than good music. Not only does bringing the speaker mean you get to pick the tunes, it also means you get the credit. I’ve used JBL Bluetooth speakers for years, and they are rugged, and have a great battery life at a moderate sound level.

2. Power Strip

When there is only one outlet in the entire room, turning two plugs into nine will make you best friends with everyone in the room. Not to mention friends with everyone who shares this tip with their friends, the day the legend (you) saved the day.

Bringing a Power Strip is a trick that is sure to make you look like the experienced traveler.

3. Breathe Right Strips

This is a very new addition to the toolbelt, and the best part is this works in both directions. There are few things more annoying than listening to someone sawing logs all night. If you are someone who snores, throw one of these bad boys on your schnoz and your roomies won’t want to rip their ears off.

Breathe Right Strips work great for those who know about them, but a clever way of using these is to offer them up to the guy that is sawing logs. It won’t completely quiet the midnight lumberjack but it will definitely help!

4. Deck of Cards

Sometimes you can’t beat the tried and true method. Just make sure you take the time to learn a few games, or have a fellow traveler teach you the ropes. I would recommend Golf, Spoons, Ring of Fire/Kings Cup, or a good and simple drinking game Horse Race.

A good Deck of Cards is an item I carry everywhere I travel. Even though technology is always improving and expanding, sometimes you just can’t find an outlet in the entire airport.

5. French Press

To most people coffee is a necessity, and when you’re backpacking on a tight budget, it’s often too expensive. A common alternative is instant coffee, but what it makes up for in price and convenience, it loses in flavor. It does the job when the alternative is no coffee, but we would all rather a proper cup of joe.

A French press is something you can easily carry with you, and won’t break the bank. More importantly though it will win big points with the roomies if you offer them a cup of real coffee. It’s also a nice communal gathering that gives you some time to get to know everyone while you sit and drink a cup.

No room for a French press? Bring along some instant coffee instead!

I hope you’ve found a few helpful tips that will spark friendships that will last a lifetime. If you’re interested in traveling the world, check out some of our other posts like How We Sold Everything and What I Packed For a Year of Traveling the World!

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