All You Need to Know About Pura Tirta Empul in Bali If you ever get the opportunity to visit Bali, Indonesia make sure to take a day to visit the Pura Tirta Empul water temple. Only about a half-hour motorbike ride away from Ubud, the spiritual […]
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A Day in Salem We recently got a chance to visit the town of Salem, Massachusetts, home of the devastating Witch Trials. This was a last-minute decision to visit after Boston, and it was a bit sleepy post-Christmas. But we are so glad we did! The […]
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10 Things We did in Los Angeles 1. Visit Disneyland and California Adventure What is a trip to Southern California without a stop in the original Disney Park! This was only my second and Lawrence’s first time to the theme park. Thanks to some complimentary tickets, […]
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5 Items That Will Make You Friends at Any Hostel Hostels are like summer camp for grown ups. If you’re planning on traveling abroad on a backpacking adventure here are 5 items that will make you the coolest cat in the crib. 1. Bluetooth Speaker Nothing […]
Washington DC Air and Space Museum When I was in Washington, DC, I wanted to see their legendary Air and Space Museum. What I didn’t know was there are two different museums with equally interesting artifacts. The National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution […]
How We Sold Everything What does it take to slim down your possessions to one backpack? Quite a lot unsurprisingly. Getting rid of everything you own can be twice as hard as moving from one house to the next, and I think we all know just […]