Sydney, New South Wales, Australia August 7-11, 2023 August 7, 2023: Australia Airports One treacherous too-short […]
Spontaneity and Decision Making Yesterday  I was planning on getting up about 8 am and catching […]
Story Time I’m going to try to post some short stories of times past while I […]
The Dark Age Day 121: My life hasn’t been as interesting in the past months as […]
Hard Work + ? = Adequate Pay You can choose one of two options: One, spend […]
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Solo Travel Means More Friends? If you ever want more friends travel alone. Sounds ironic right? […]
Back in Action (sort of) So I got sick, really sick. I didn’t leave the hostel […]
Manly is Heavenly Today I got the chance to go to Manly beach after hearing so […]
Pademelons are now my Favorite 10 minutes outside of Sydney the whole atmosphere flips. Instead of […]